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The F&I Conference & Awards Dinner is an ideal opportunity to showcase your brand amongst key industry figures. 2017's exhibiting sponsors are...

Headline Sponsor - Barclays Partner Finance

Barclays Partner Finance is one of the UK’s largest providers of point-of-sale finance, each year offering thousands of business partners a way to maximise their sales and help their customers afford new purchases. With strong connections to a number of business sectors including retail, motor and leisure, in addition to their personal customers, Barclays Partner Finance are the perfect fit for the F&I Conference 2017.

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Co-Sponsor - Moneybarn

Here at Moneybarn, we pride ourselves on having a unique approach to offering car finance and we are able to offer more people car finance than most conventional finance companies. Our business is based on five guiding principles which ensure our position as a market leader in specialist car finance.

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Co-Sponsor - AutoProtect


AutoProtect provides insurance products and dealer warranties to vehicle manufacturers and retailers of all types and sizes throughout the UK, Europe and South America.

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Co-Sponsor - Private & Commercial Finance

Private & Commercial Finance are a specialist bank providing vehicle and asset finance to consumers and businesses. At PCF Bank the customer comes first.

Co-Sponsor - Smart Insurance

Smart Insurance is the UK’s leading minor damage insurance solution.

Their top quality product keeps vehicles in pristine condition by providing cover against repairing minor damage to cars.

For dealers it provides significant additional revenue and profit.

For consumers it is a beneficial and desirable product that helps maintain vehicle value.

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Co-Sponsor - Codeweavers

 Codeweavers is an innovative, agile, fast growing information technology specialist providing smart technology to a growing client base including; car manufacturers, finance

companies, dealers and fleet funders for over 15 years.

 Codeweavers IT development principles reflect the business’ values-led culture customer-centric ethos. The technology is designed to help customers make decisions that support their needs, delivering the great customer outcomes.

 With a strong reputation for delivering on time, on budget, supported by an ‘up time’ of 99.9% for its technology. Clients trust Codeweavers to deliver.

Co-Sponsor - Car Finance Giant

We founded Car Finance Giant in order to provide the UK market with a wide range of financial products related to cars and vehicles. We add that special personal touch – no two loan applications are the same, neither are the applicants and that is why we take the time to treat your case with the attention it deserves. We don’t offer a ‘one package suits all’ deal and will ensure that any offers that are provided to you are suitable for you and your circumstances. We trawl the market and pull together relevant offers so that you don’t have to.

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Co-Sponsor - Raphaels Finance

Raphaels Bank can trace its origins to 1787 and is the second oldest independent UK bank.

Today, Raphael Finance provides both consumer and asset finance facilities to customers in a wide range of industry sectors. We pride ourselves on manual underwriting for our loans, this means we do not use electronic scorecards but offer a truly personal service, treating customers individually on the merits of their financial capabilities.

Through our network of brokers, we offer hire purchase loans for vehicles in addition to specialist loans including wheelchair adapted vehicles and asset finance for small and medium sized businesses. 

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Co-Sponsor - 1st Stop Car Finance

1st Stop Car FInance are a traditional hire purchase lender who focuses on an individual's circumstances when offering an acceptance and rates. Due to our lending criteria we are able to offer finance to a lot of customers other companies may not. 1st Stop always lends responsibility and puts the customer at the heart of everything we do.

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